Living the solo adventure life

I'm at one of my favorite spots in Maine. I am sitting on the edge of the rugged coast with the Portland Head Light to my right and the ocean directly in front of me. The tide will be coming in soon, but for now, the waves lightly sway against the shore. In a little while, the rock I'm sitting on will be completely enveloped by the water, but I have time. For now, it's just me, my lighthouse, and the ocean.


The solo adventure life is full of days like this. The weekends especially are my time to go out, explore, and experience something new. Sometimes I'll visit a new lighthouse (or 3), try kayaking for the first time, hike the rocky trails along the coast, see the sunrise at the Easternmost part of the U.S., or go on a Moose Safari. Did I mention that I've done all of these things within the last two weeks? 


If you had told me five years ago that I would be living this life, I wouldn't have believed it. There are times that I still can't. Sometimes I wake up before dawn on a Saturday because I'm just so excited for the adventure I have planned that day and I think, "Who am I? Where did this come from?" 

I wasn't always this adventurous; in fact, this is a pretty new thing for me. Since moving to Maine last year I've done more things and put myself out there in more ways than I ever imagined I could.

I no longer hesitate to try a new dance class because I fear I have no rhythm. I don't care if people think it's odd that I'm at a concert by myself. I don't mind raising my hand when asked if there's anyone here who hasn't tried this before. Basically I'm no longer embarrassed to be myself. 

There is no greater peace I feel than when I'm at my favorite lighthouse, wandering the streets of my beautiful gritty city, or standing atop a challenging mountain. I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and the world becomes quiet. I commit it to memory and vow to always seek out the moments that make me feel inspired and fulfilled. For it's these moments that allow me to live this adventurous life.


It's also in these moments that I find the strength to be out here all on my own. It's not always easy being so far away from my friends and family, but it's through these moments of peace that I feel empowered and confident that I can handle anything. I know that my life won't always be like this. My world will change again next year, but for now, this is exactly where I want to be. 

What makes you feel inspired? Where do your moments of peace and clarity take place?